Vanessa Hudgens to Star in NBC’s new Superhero Sitcom

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens – she of High School Musical/Springbreakers/Dating Zac Efron fame – is set to headline the new Superhero-flavored sitcom Powerless on NBC.

This will mark the Filipino-American actress’ first full-time TV gig since her run on High School Musical ended. However, she recently dipped her toe in the small screen waters as Rizzo in Fox’s Grease Live. Her live performance in the musical earned her praise as she performed just one day after her father passed away from cancer.

Per Deadline, “[b]ased on characters from DC Comics, Powerless is a workplace comedy set at one of the worst insurance companies in America — with the twist being that it also takes place in the universe of DC Comics.”

According to TV Line, Hudgens will play Emily Locke, “a claims adjuster who loves her job because she gets to help people, but who is increasingly exasperated by the disruptive antics of the various Super Heroes that proliferate in her city.”

Hudgens also made news last week, but in a not-so-positive way. It was announced that she and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, were under investigation for defacing the Sedona Red Rocks in Arizona. This came after she posted a picture on instagram of their names surrounded by a heart carved on a rock. If it is determined that the carving was made in the Red Rocks District of Coconino National Forest, this could be found to have damaged a natural feature of the United States and Hudgens could face up to a $5,000 fine or six months in prison.

Gino Barrica is a first generation Filipino-American. He is an immigration and personal injury attorney and lives in Northern California.