ICYMI: Jollibee Is The Best Place On Earth


Jollibee – the Filipino fast food chain (like I needed to tell you that) – opened it’s first location in Chicago back on December 22nd after opening its first Illinois location in Skokie last summer.

I’m guessing that’s what prompted this A.V. Club post about the new eatery and describe it as “irrepressibly happy.” It’s sort of a strange article written from the point of view of someone who is more than a little puzzled by how much Filipinos love Jollibee. In the article, the chain is described as “stupefyingly, nigh-incomprehensibly popular” among Filipinos.

Granted, the author of the piece is none other than Kevin Pang, a James Beard Foundation Award winner for his food writing. So, I guess I can see why he’d be puzzled by people giving a restaurant featuring palabok, sweet spaghetti, and a giant bee that can be described as more-than-a-little-creepy the rock star treatment. I mean, even the great Anthony Bourdain once said Halo-Halo “makes no goddamn sense” and the aforementioned spaghetti was “deranged…yet strangely alluring.”

Anyway, the takeaway is that Jollibee is awesome. And you can now have some if you live in Chicago. Just ignore the people trying to understand why you’re so excited.

Gino Barrica is a first generation Filipino-American. He is an immigration and personal injury attorney and lives in Northern California.