Las Vegas Filipino Called “Orange” By Racist Neighbor


Since moving to the United States from the Philippines when I was twelve years old, I’ve been called some very… creative… things by certain people. This is a new one, though.

On New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas resident Dexter Manawat filmed his neighbor – irate about leaves, I’m guessing? – calling him an “orange savage” who was “one generation out of the jungle, like loin cloth wearers.”

The cringe-worthy video is about a minute-and-a-half long, and the neighbor doesn’t stop there. She says Manawat was from “some piece of shit Manila ass fucking ghetto living under a tarp piece of shit land,” whatever that means. He told that he had “never been called orange before… that was a first.” Neither have I, buddy.

Manawat elaborated on his intentions behind posting the video and why he ultimately removed the video from his page.

For what it’s worth, the woman has attempted to offer an explanation, saying she “was completely wrong” and “was in a blind rage.” She said that the tension between her and Manawat had been escalating for quite some time.

Gino Barrica is a first generation Filipino-American. He is an immigration and personal injury attorney and lives in Northern California.